Introducing Ampsentrix Basic line of batteries replacement for Apple’s iPhones

Introducing Ampsentrix Basic line of batteries replacement for Apple’s iPhones

It is inevitable that the battery inside your iPhones (or any device for that matter) will have to be replaced if you would like to restore the performance of said device. And for a long time, the market has only two options available: either fork up a considerable amount of money in order to replace a genuine battery with Apple themselves; or risk it by purchasing an uninspired aftermarket battery and hope it does not blow up. Simply, there was just no option presented by a reputable manufacturer to bridged the gap between genuine and aftermarket, to provide a safe and exceptional battery at a lower price.


...Until Ampsentrix Pro series batteries by Mobilesentrix were announced back in 2020.


We were likely to be the first group of businesses that offered Ampsentrix Pro Batteries as our premium option and our customer base is extremely happy that we did, as their batteries are far superior than the generic option we have and the price difference is marginal.


And now, we can finally ditch our generic option because Ampsentrix has released a new series of batteries which aimed at providing the same quality as the great, “original” Pro series but at a even lower price.


Usually a battery in a cellular device is composed with two components: the Cell and the BMS, Battery Management System. The cell is where the electricity is stored, and the BMS is where the battery communicate and cooperate with the device in order to power it properly. The better quality of the BMS, the smoother and cooler the battery can run because it lowers the internal lost and provides a finer output to the device’s request.


Ampsentrix Pro batteries were original using refurbished BMS and new cell in order to guarantee a near-OE ("Original Equipment") experience. However there are limiting factors such as the quantity of the refurbished BMS available is always below-optimal hence a slightly higher price on some newer models; and a soft cap on how much capacity can be increased before the refurbished BMS would not be able to recognize it properly.


Ampsentrix Basic batteries (“Basic”) is a series of batteries which utilize the same cell as the Pro series but with a re-manufactured aftermarket BMS. Instead of Pro series' refurbished BMS, Basic utilizes an aftermarket BMS but with more than 80% of OE or equivalent components on it, alongside with enhanced protection IC and voltage resistor. This effort significantly reduces time and cost to manufacture it, hence a much lower cost, yet retains 99% of the quality of its refurbished sibling.


For now, Basic for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max have arrived in our Pacific Mall location. Come by and check it out in person.

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