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Product Description

Baseus is a renowned Chinese accessories manufacturer which has been in business since the early 2000s.

A unique type of screen protector which is designed by and for people who use Pencil on their iPads every day.


WRITE JUST LIKE ON PAPER: There’s nothing natural about writing on glass, It’s awkward and tiring, and the result is usually sloppy, that’s why our Baseus Paper-Like Series screen protectors are specially designed to pair perfectly with an Apple Pencil and other stylists to give you back the control, speed, and dexterity of working on paper… in a paperless environment.

PRECISION OPTIMIZED: The iPad’s smooth, glass screen lacks any kind of resistance, so when you’re writing or drawing it’s difficult to get the same level of precision and control as you would on a sheet of paper, we optimized the ideal amount of friction for long drawing sessions or those endless meeting notes and, no, the friction won’t burn out your Apple Pencil tips.

EASY APPLICATION: Many screen protectors are difficult to apply, tear easily, or lift after just a few uses. We didn’t just develop the ideal screen protector, we also developed the easiest way to apply it. Each pack comes with everything you need, detailed instructions, and a video that walks you through the process.

GLARE RESISTANT: Using an iPad in the sun means glare that hurts your eyes and reflections that make the screen hard to see. The textured surface of the Baseus Paper-Like Series screen protector helps to minimize that glare so you can sketch or write wherever you are. You can work for longer and be more accurate in every stroke.

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